Blender 2.82

Blender 2.82 For Creating Images and 3D Blender is an open source application for creating images and even 3D animation, rendering, as well as interactive creation and playback. This software has a forum and community that can help us to complete the project that you are working on.

Blender has proven to be a very fast and versatile design tool. This software offers features that are unique to the Three Dimensional world.

Used to make TV commercials, to make technical visualizations, graphic businesses, do morphing, or design user interfaces. Renderer is flexible and very fast. All the basic principles of animation (curves & keys) are applied very well.

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Blender benefits:

  1. Open Source: Is one of the open source software, where we can freely modify the source code for personal or commercial purposes, as long as it does not violate the GNU General Public License used.
  2. Multi Platform: This application is available for various operating systems such as Linux, Mac and Windows. So files created using the Linux version will not change when opened in Mac or Windows versions.
  3. Very Complete: Has more complete features than other 3D software.


Download Blender 2.82

For Windows 32 bit – 68, 10


For Windows 64 bit – 126,9 MB


For Windows (Portable) – 146, 18


For Mac – 196 MB


For Linux – 170 MB


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