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Download Genius EasyPen F610E For Windows and Mac


Windows: 8,5 MB

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Genius EasyPen F610E

This site contains All Drivers Software; Driver For PC, Wireless Driver, Printer Driver and Drawing Tablet Driver; Like Wacom Driver and GeniusDriver. On this page, we give you Genius EasyPen F610E driver software. Hopefully it can help you.

Drawing using digital has several conveniences. Among other things, the advantage is the existence of “Control Z”. With this we can easily delete if there is an error. Unlike when drawing with non-digital, we must be extra careful not to make mistakes.

By using Drawing Tablet as a drawing media, especially Genius EasyPen F610E, we will feel like drawing manually, the difference between using Genius EasyPen F610E drawing will be easier.

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If you are in the market for an affordable, thin, compact, graphic tablet that has high resolution and a wonderful cordless pen, the EasyPen F610E might be the product for you.

EasyPen F610E Specifications:

Model number: 31100083100
Digital Pen-Pressure Sensitive levels: 2048
Report Rates (RPS): 200 PPS
Express Keys Programmable macro keys: 8
Active area: 6.25” x 10”
OS Support: Windows® 8/7/Vista/XP/2000, Mac OS 10.4 or above
Resolution (LPI): 4000 LPI
Pen stand: YES
With Cordless Pen: YES
Software hot keys: YES


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Download Genius EasyPen F610E


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