Gom MediaPlayer 2020

Gom MediaPlayer

FirstDriverPrinter.com: Gom MediaPlayer was first launched on January 7, 2003 by Gretech which has now changed its name to GOM & Company.

Gom MediaPlayer which stands for Gretech Online Movie Player is one of the flagship software products created by a software development company called Gretech.

Gom MediaPlayer itself has its own popularity in its home country, South Korea. Until 2007, Gom MediaPlayer users reached 21.3 million users compared to Microsoft’s Windows Media Player users which only reached 5.4 million users.

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The main features of this software:

  • The ability to play corrupted media files.
  • Its ability to search for missing codecs using the codec search service.
  • Gom MediaPlayer can also be used to play and watch videos with 360 degree capabilities that are now popular.
  • The ability to be able to see from above, below, right and left using only the keyboard and mouse makes this one feature arguably a unique feature and certainly very interesting to follow.
  • Gom MediaPlayer users can also customize or change software skins so you don’t get bored with that default skin.


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GOM Player


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