Google Drive

Google Drive 3.49.9800.0000 Google Drive is a cloud service from Google that provides online space to store all the data we have such as work files, PDF files, mp3s, photos and videos.

Google Drive itself is integrated with Google Docs, where files that have been on Google Docs are automatically saved in Google Drive. The size of the initial space that is provided free of charge is 5GB and the option is to increase the space to 1TB with a monthly payment scheme. To get 100GB of space for example, the fee paid is more expensive than SkyDrive, but even then it’s still cheaper than offered by Dropbox.

All can be done. You can access files from anywhere. At home, the office, or even when you are away from your device, with this cloud-based storage media.

By storing files in Google Drive, the file owner can access the file anytime anywhere using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet computer or smartphone. And the file can be shared with others for sharing and editing collaboration.

By using this program made by Google, it means that the file owner has a back-up of his file on the internet so that if something happens to a file that is stored on a computer or laptop, for example the file is damaged or lost or exposed to a virus, or the computer / laptop is damaged that causes no can be used, the files in Google Drive remain safe and can still be accessed using another computer connected to the internet.

Download Google Drive 3.49.9800.0000

For Windows 32 bit


For Windows 64 bit


For Mac


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