HMA! Pro VPN for Mac Windows and Linux

HMA! Pro VPN for Mac Windows and Linux

HideMyAss VPN services include access to a network of more than 770 servers and nearly 5400 IP addresses in more than 280 locations in 190 countries around the world. HMA! The latest 2019 VPN Pro has many features making it easy to find the best VPN server for your needs.

All you need to do is run the special Speed ​​Guide test and the wizard helps find the server that is most suitable for your connection.

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Download HMA! Pro VPN

=> For Mac – 1,5 MB


=> For Windows – 18,7


=> For Linux


HMA Features and Benefits! Pro VPN

Easy connection
Just enter your username and password into the dashboard, select one of the VPN servers and click connect.

Multi-protocol support
Virtual private networks are very fast and leave free proxies in them.

Load balancer
If there are more than one server in a particular location, load balancing will tell you which server has the least number of users connected, making sure you are connected to the server that is the least loaded.

Geographic recommendations
The VPN server that is located closest to your physical location will usually be the fastest for your internet connection.

Random server selection
To increase anonymity you might want to connect to a random VPN server location. Randomly connected to any location, random server in certain countries.

Map server
All VPN servers are marked on the server map, useful for visual identification. Your physical location is also marked to help you see the distance between servers.

Schedule IP changes
The IP settings feature allows you to change your IP address randomly at the specified time interval.

IP check site
Third party IP checker websites help provide evidence that your online identity has been changed.

IP address history
Take advantage of the optional IP history feature to store local logs of IP addresses that you previously used.


  • 7 days trial version.
  • Requires the .NET Framework
  • Requires an HMA account.

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