KeePass 2.44 KeePass is software to help store and manage your passwords in a database that is very safe and easy to use.

Usually in the use of various social media, or e-mail that requires more than one account, we will record the username and password of each account so as not to forget or get confused. Usually we will record it in our notebook or in notepad. But in that way, your password cannot be stored securely because it might still be known by others. Other people can see it freely when you neglect to save documents that contain your password.

Well, one of the most appropriate solutions is to use software that can store your password safely.

With KeePass, your passwords will be encrypted using the best and most secure algorithm at the moment, namely AES and Twofish. To open a database that contains a password, you need to access it with a master password. So, by using this software, you only need to memorize just one password for the many applications you use.


KeePass features and advantages:

  • Portable version available (no installation)
  • Export data to TXT, HTML, XML and CSV File formats
  • Import from various formats, up to 25 formats.
  • Database transfer is very easy, only move one file.
  • Password modification / management available in groups.
  • Time of creation, modification, access and attachment information.
  • Auto-Type, global auto-type hot key and Drag & Drop for easy internet surfing.
  • Random generator, to generate random passwords that are strong enough.
  • Open source

Download KeePass 2.44

For Windows:


For Windows: Portable


For Mac:


For Linux



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