Nox AppPlayer For Mac and Windows

Download Nox AppPlayer For Mac and Windows

Windows: 359 MB

Mac: 427 MB
  • Name: Nox AppPlayer
  • Version:,

Nox AppPlayer

Nox Player is a free Android emulator dedicated to providing the best experience for users who want to play Android games and applications on a PC. Nox Emulator is committed to providing the best digital solutions for users and connecting Android, Windows and Mac.

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Users can assign keyboards and mice for APK games and applications with simple button mapping and enjoy easy access to functions such as location, adjusting volume, and more. Nox App Player is a perfect Android emulator for playing mobile games on PC.

Benefits of Nox Player Features:

  • Absolutely free.
  • Compatible to run on Windows and Mac.
  • Virtual location function. Supports all GPS-based games including Pokemon Go and Ingress. Players can walk and change speed with the keyboard.
  • Supports multiple instances for users.
  • Extreme compatibility with the application.
  • Built-in video recorder and macro recorder.

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