Skype 2019 For Mac, Windows and Linux

Skype 2019 For Desktop

Skype is software that lets you make free video calls anywhere in the world. Software uses P2P (peer-to-peer) technology to connect you with other users.

Skype offers several features, including SkypeOut calls from messenger to regular phones and cellphones around the world, conference calls and file transfers. You can also share the screen with other users. Can also share photos, messages, emoticons and stickers in real-time.

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Features and Advantages of Skype:

  1. HD audio and video calls
  2. Smart messaging
    React to any message with a pleasant reaction or use @ designation to attract someone’s attention.
  3. Share screen
    Share presentations, vacation photos, or anything on your screen easily during a call, with integrated screen sharing.
  4. Call recording and direct translation
    Record calls to capture special moments, record important decisions and use direct subtitles to read spoken words.
  5. Call the telephone
    Reach friends who aren’t online with affordable international call rates to cellphones and landlines.
  6. Private conversation
    Keep your sensitive conversations private with industry-standard encryption.
  7. Searching for files can be done easily
  8. Edit and delete messages
  9. Connect from anywhere
  10. Call cellphones at cheap prices
  11. Get a local telephone number
  12. Send SMS from Skype


Download Skype

For Mac – 93,3 MB


For Windows – 60,5 MB


For Linux Deb – 70,7 MB


For Linux RPM – 94 MB


For Linux SNAP



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