Spotify Spotify is a music streaming service that can be enjoyed streaming or downloaded directly for listening in offline mode

Conceptually, this application allows users to access songs for free or paid. The service provides various songs from world record labels, such as Sony, EMI, Warner Music, and Universal.

Music can be searched with a search engine that includes the name of the artist, album, genre, song list, or record label.
If the user is willing to pay, then he will not see the ad and can download music so that it can be heard offline.

Users actually do not need to pay to enjoy millions of music from the “library”, they can listen to music in the application for free.

However, users of the free version will encounter a number of limitations, such as not being able to play all available songs. Later there will also be music from certain artists that are only available to paid customers. In addition, users will also be “bullied” with some ads that appear every time.

Some Spotify features:

  1. A wide selection of songs
  2. Interesting playlist
  3. Radio
  4. Offline Mode
  5. Integration into Social Media


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