TeraCopy 3.4

TeraCopy For Mac and Windows

FirstDriverPrinter: TeraCopy is free software designed to speed up the copy paste process on a laptop / computer file and is more secure.

When we need data to be fast and ready to use, this problem becomes very vital and complicated when the files we copy are very large in size and rush to be used, so the solution requires a high-speed copy application.

TeraCopy is a program designed to copy and move files at maximum speed and many features such as copying files faster, pause or pause and resume, error recovery features if there is damage in copying.

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TeraCopy Features and Benefits:

  1. Copy files faster. Use dynamically adjusted buffers to reduce seek time.
  2. Asynchronous copy: speed up file transfer between two hard drives.
  3. Pause and resume file transfers. Can pause the copying process at any time.
  4. In the case of a copy error, this software will try several times and will pass the file and not end the entire transfer.
  5. It can indicate failed file transfers and allows you to fix problems with “recopy file”.
  6. Shell integration. TeraCopy can completely replace Explorer for copying, making you able to copy as usual.

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