TorBrowser 9.0.9 TorBrowser is a special browser created to hide the identity of its users for security in browsing the internet.

The cyber world of internet that is usually explored by most users basically just reaches the surface, because deep within the internet there is more than just searching. You can search for anything without any restrictions, but it’s full of dangerous risks. This is what is called the Dark Web and to achieve that, we need special devices for this, and usually people use software like Tor.

Tor which stands for The Onion Router prioritizes privacy and security above all else. In its simplest definition, Tor is a web browser software that hides your identity when online.

The privacy and security of TorBrowser can be done in 2 ways:

  1. First, it uses encryption to shuffle data that is being communicated on the network.
  2. Secondly, data routes between servers are randomly arranged in the Tor network to hide your online identity, including data associated with private IP addresses.


TorBrowser feature

  • Hidden service: provides anonymity services for its users so that the computer’s IP cannot be detected.
  • Tor also has features that can manage bandwidth, cpu, general information, java script, and event logs so that its users get maximum security.

Download TorBrowser 9.0.9

For Mac


For Windows


For Linux


For Android


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