Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ 2020.5647 Virtual DJ is software that can be used for mixing MP3s. This application allows users to record their mixing to the CD burning process or to be shared on the internet. Virtual DJ is used by millions of DJs and big clubs.

VirtualDJ has a single menu interface with modular features offering users to start mixing sessions. Just load the deck with songs from the library and press the play button.


Virtual DJ feature

  • The recording feature provides an opportunity for each newcomer to record and analyze the mixture himself. This way you can find out mistakes and learn how to improve your skills. With recording options you can also share your creations by burning them on CD, streaming them on the internet or by saving them in mp3 format.
  • For a smooth transition between tracks you can check the BPM counter and set the right size for both tracks.
  • Visual waves give you additional control in any transition.
  • Additional features for video effects and transitions that can be displayed on a second monitor or on a TV system.
  • Check parts of the song, adjust the treble and bass level or even apply some sound effects such as: flanger, echo, filter, etc.

Download Virtual DJ 2020.5647

For Windows [32-bit]


For Windows [64-bit]




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