Zoom, The Best Online Meeting Software

FirstDriverPrinter.com: Zoom is an application that can be used to conduct online meetings, one-on-one video calls and even groups of up to one hundred people.

This application can be used on Android or on a PC, the aim is to facilitate meeting / teleconference activities online.

Advances in information technology allow us to conduct meetings or meetings without having to be in the same room, even the same location. Of course this can happen with the help of certain tools, at least a camera, microphone, and internet connection all of which are found on your smartphone & laptop.

This video conference application is widely used as a face-to-face facility from home for various purposes, ranging from meetings between coworkers, school student learning, online lectures, just releasing miss with friends and workers who are asked to work from home or the term WFH (work from home).

Zoom advantages:

  • Used for video calls and online meetings
  • Zoom Cloud Meetings also allows users to send text messages to each other, as well as make presentations in person.
  • Zoom Cloud Meetings can be used to have forty minutes of group meetings.
  • This application can be connected to the internet using Wi-Fi or 4G / LTE networks. In fact, Zoom Cloud Meetings can also work with only 3G.

Some features of the Zoom Cloud Meeting application include:

  1. Screen sharing
  2. HD video meeting quality
  3. SSL encryption security
  4. Can share websites, photos to Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  5. Send text to groups, images and audio from a smartphone or PC
  6. Displays contact status available or not
  7. Send invitations by telephone, email or company contact
  8. Join as an interactive participant or webinar participant who only sees
  9. Meeting scheduling, meeting records, meeting templates, and host settings.

Download Zoom 4.6.10

For Mac


For Windows


For Android


For iOS


For iOS: From Apple App Store


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